Auto Append

Append Valuable Information About Your Customers
and Prospects...In Minutes!

The better you know and understand your customers and prospects, the more effectively you can target them. That’s the theory behind Autoappend.

Autoappend allows you to enhance your customer database with unique data fields that make that database more meaningful. With Autoappend, there is virtually no limit to the type of data you can add to your existing database, allowing you to perfectly refine your marketing message.

Overly generic data does little to help you get to know your customers and prospects. Worse yet, it prevents you from engaging with them in a meaningful way. That is why Autoappend allows you to:

  • Access Demographic and Psychographic Information
    Demographics are essential to an accurate database but so is psychographic data. With Autoappend, databases are comprised of crucial demographic information like location and household income alongside psychographic data that takes into account things like attitudes and personal preferences.
  • Enrich Databases
    Databases that aren’t continually updated are soon obsolete. Autoappend allows you to replace out-of-date information with the newest and most accurate information on an ongoing basis.
  • Set Specific Search Parameters
    When your search parameters are too broad, you risk wasting valuable time and resources on leads that are unlikely to convert. When they are too narrow, you miss out on qualified leads. Autoappend allows you to precisely adjust your parameters to capture only the most qualified leads.

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