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Data Services

Data Services to Enhance Your Data and Increase Your Marketing Results

The key to successful marketing is to understand your customers. Exactis can help you gain valuable insight about your clients and prospects. Whether you are gathering missing information, or attempting to append email or phone data, Exactis delivers the information you want for every data appending project.

Data Enhancement

  • Better understand your customers
  • Increase your response rate
  • Grow your customer file

Data Appending

  • Add demographics, lifestyles, and purchase data
  • Increase your customer file
  • Clean and organize your file

Is your customer data yielding maximum results in identifying buyer traits, increasing lifetime value or finding new customers? Exactis makes sophisticated marketing intelligence and predictive modeling highly accessible, helping you generate incremental marketing insight by getting to know your current customers in a more in-depth way.

Customer Profiling

By analyzing the empirical evidence in your customer database, Exactis can identify the most descriptive traits and segments of your ideal customer, and use that information to understand behaviors, target unique segments, even determine the mix of products or services that are most effectively marketed together. Our marketing intelligence is completely customizable to not only meet your current strategic goals, but also to give you the knowledge to think two steps ahead.

Segmentation Schemes

What lifestyle levers impact value in a particular segment of your customer database? By validating segment schemes at the individual level, we can help you build a powerful tier-migration strategy to migrate buyers through the customer life cycle and exponentially increase the value of the relationship over time.

Consumer and Predictive Modeling

In our experience, the most efficient use of any marketing investment is to focus on the right target audiences. Use Exacis’ Consumer and Predictive Modeling services to build application-specific models, identify and prioritize prospects, identify gaps, even reactivate dormant customers.

Smart Geo-Targeting

With 1,000+ data points for every U.S. ZIP code and carrier route, Exactis streamlines the localization of your marketing efforts. Choose from tools such as a trade area analysis, executive summary of socio-economic traits, or penetration analysis to inform your next market expansion plan.