The Right Data, The Right Delivery

With over 300,000,000 US Records, Consumer and Business, and over 12,000,000,000 unique data profiles you don't have to look any further. We provide bleeding edge analytics, modeling, hygiene, verification, and real time, recursive analysis of hundreds of B2C and B2B verticals to provide the maximum ROI per data seed via customized marketing plans customized to your specific needs, and dynamically adaptive to your market!

Real Time Modeling

Get real time counts of modeled data against your known clients using our AI to perfectly balance your targeting and expense to maximize ROI on every campaign, every time.  Create your free account, model your target, get a count, name your price for your data, and purchase buy it!
Ever wonder how many competitors have the same data?

Target & Retarget

Leverage our proprietary AI to target new clients, and retarget misses across the internet using cookie and cookie-less  engines to never miss a sale. Just because it isn't today, doesn't mean it can't be tomorrow.  Over 800 Ad Platforms, Social Media, and  Newsletters tied into our engine.
Now you will never have to miss a sale again!

100% Google Cloud Based

Operating from the Google Cloud, provides failover redundancy, blazing speed, and real time interface to Google Big Data, Google Big Query, and Google Prediction Engines. Our proprietary modeling scales and pivots based on shifts in YOUR marketplace based on news, economics, and market indicators. In today’s marketplace speed and presence are paramount to success in today's global marketplace.
Exactis delivers both by partnering with Google in all facets.

Data Plotting for Success

You know who you have sold to, that is training data. Your historical sales files will allow us to create a data repository for you by modeling your historical sales against 250,000,000 contact records with up to 180 data intersections per record to inherently know who else is most likely to become your customer. If you aren't using behavioral, transactional, and environmental data you are missing  80% of your market!
Never guess again, know your customers to find prospects!

Exactis Marketing Engine

The Industry's first autonomous market modeling, selection, targeting, retargeting engine. Leveraging a comprehensive stack of email, banner, social media, mobile media, and search advertising networks, over seven hundred entities, thirty seven proprietary modeling engines, we are proud to present the world's first Sentient Marketing AI.

Exactis Insights Library

Transactional, behavioral, demographic, environmental datapoints. Over ten terabytes of data points to model any marketing question against, and this archive is the Exactis difference. Daily news, markets, social media, transactional data all pouring in daily, leveraging quantative analysis, modeling, and the Insights Library will find your best path forward.

Exactis Modeling Engine

Every customer creates a Digital Fingerprint. That fingerprint is a composition of demographic, geographic, and transactional data points. Those data points represent the unique marker to identify patterns  of behavior. The more  similar fingerprints gathering around a sales point, the more likely that sales path can be replicated. A large group of similar data points is your Primary Customer  Digital Fingerprint, this is what the Modeling Engine does.

Exactis Data Library

The fuel that drives all marketing is high quality, complete contact data, demographic data, and a lot of it. WIth over 200,000,000 unique US  contact records and over 400 unique demographic markers, the Exactis Master Consumer File represents  an estimated eighty four percent of US adult consumers.  The Master Business File, with over 60,000,000 Contact Records, positions, it represents the best of breed B2B Data Solutions  for your sales growth.

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